1. Several bottles of wine at 101 wine Press in Prunedale

    The Best BBQ and Wine Pairings

    At 101 Wine Press, we’re known for two things—our authentic Santa Maria-Style BBQ and our selection of delectable local and international wines. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best wines to pair with barbecue, so that you can make the most of these two renowned offerings. If you…Read More

  2. 6 Fun Things to Do In Monterey County

    There’s nowhere in the world quite like Monterey County, California. Brimming with breathtaking vineyards, cozy seaside villages, and an array of exciting museums, Monterey County is the perfect vacation destination, whether you’re headed on a family holiday, romantic getaway, or a weekend away …Read More

  3. What Is Santa Maria-Style BBQ?

    What Is Santa Maria-Style BBQ? While you may have heard of our Salinas winery thanks to our fine selection of local craft wines, we also serve a wide assortment of mouth-watering Santa Maria-style barbecue. If you are unfamiliar with this California culinary tradition, read on to learn the basics of…Read More

  4. history of winery in the us 101 wine press prunedale

    History of Wineries in the United States

    Grapes grow naturally in the United States, and they have for centuries. After all, Leif Erickson named North America Vinland after the abundance of grapes he found growing along its coasts. Grapes and wine are thriving in America, with all 50 states producing wine. America is the fourth-largest win…Read More

  5. How is Wine Made?

    Wine has been around since ancient times, and in fact, was often drunk instead of water since water could be of questionable quality. But how is wine made? Grapes, fermentation, and water, right? 101 Wine Press is the newest winery and restaurant in Prunedale. We offer Santa Maria BBQ, craft beer, a…Read More

  6. What is Craft Beer?

    Craft beer has become some of the most popular beer brands in the United States. In fact, many people visit casual dining restaurants and local restaurants specifically for the beer. But what exactly is craft beer? Is craft beer for you? 101 Wine Press is the newest local restaurant in Prunedale. We…Read More

  7. What is the Difference Between a Vineyard and a Winery?

    As the best BBQ restaurant in Prunedale, 101 Wine Press knows a thing or two about barbeque. But that’s not all that we know about. We are also a vineyard and a winery. But what’s the difference between the two? In this blog post, we’ll explore that question. When you’re in the mood for casu…Read More

  8. Welcome to 101 Wine Press!

    Welcome to 101 Wine Press! We are located near Salinas, CA, in Prunedale. We are a locally-owned winery and restaurant. We produce the best pinot noir and chardonnay in wine country, as well as the best Santa Maria BBQ. Our mission is to bring you good food, great beer and wine, and provide a great …Read More