As the best BBQ restaurant in Prunedale, 101 Wine Press knows a thing or two about barbeque. But that’s not all that we know about. We are also a vineyard and a winery. But what’s the difference between the two? In this blog post, we’ll explore that question. When you’re in the mood for casual dining and a great glass of wine, visit 101 Wine Press today!


If we take a hard look at the word vineyard, we’ll see it’s really a compound word. It’s vine and yard combined, which describes vineyards to the T. A vineyard is a yard of vines, or more specifically, a plantation that grows grapes for the express purpose of wine-making.


If we take a hard look at the word winery, we’ll discover its secret — wine. A winery is where wine is made. Wineries can be huge productions, with multiple warehouses, automatic bottling lines, laboratories, and tanks for hauling and storing wine. Or, they can be small wineries, such as 101 Wine Press, where the pace is a bit slower, and most of the wine is produced by hand.


Both a winery and a vineyard can be mutually exclusive, meaning you can grow grapes and not make them into wine yourself. Instead, you would only sell your grapes to wine-makers, or to wineries. Similarly, a winery is a place to make wine from grapes. But you don’t necessarily have to be growing the grapes yourself to have a winery, but you could have a vineyard of your own.

Oftentimes, you drink wine at a winery over a vineyard. Vineyards tend to be the unglamorous part of wine-making, consisting of rows of vines supported by trellises — a farm in essence. Wineries, since wine is produced there, tend to be the ones who procure liquor licenses and build a place to offer wine tasting and sample their delicious wines.


101 Wine Press started out simply as a vineyard in Prunedale. However, we decided that Prunedale needed a local hangout where you could enjoy wine and BBQ. That’s how our winery got started.

Today, we’ve opened a full-fledged BBQ restaurant in Prunedale, pairing Santa Maria BBQ with our vineyard wines for a scrumptious taste you can’t turn your back on. Combined with a cozy atmosphere and our amazing friends, 101 Wine Press has quickly become the go-to BBQ restaurant for Prunedale residents and non-locals alike. Enjoy our premium craft beer or the best tasting wine for miles around. With the amazing weather in Prunedale, you can sit outside on our patio and watch the sun set, creating beautiful colors that make our grapes shimmer in the light.

If you’ve never been to a winery where wine is freshly produced, visit 101 Wine Press. The wine is delectable and delicious, and when paired with our amazing Santa Maria BBQ or a premium craft beer, you’ll never want to leave. Visit us in Prunedale today!