In 1892, our family moved from Wisconsin to a rural area on the central coast of California that is now known as Prunedale. Our ancestors began raising beef cattle, farming apple and plum orchards, and even making the occasional bottle of moonshine. They tried planting eucalyptus trees to be used for paper and telephone poles. Even though they had many ideas and uses for the land, nothing quite stuck and offered the success our family needed.

It wasn’t until the head winemaker for Talbott Vineyards remarked that our property was perfect for a vineyard did we consider creating wine. After surveying our westward facing slopes and measuring our distance to the ocean, we decided to turn our humble cattle ranch into our vineyard, located just shy of three miles from 101 Wine Press, a casual dining restaurant.

We started by planting 25 acres of pinot noir and chardonnay in 1999, and we haven’t looked back. With the community’s ongoing support and a true passion for what we do, we decided to give back to our enthusiasts by opening a new hangout spot for the locals, featuring Santa Maria BBQ and delicious wines and other beverages. Welcome to 101 Wine Press, Prunedale’s top wine and dine location. We are so glad you’ve chosen us.


Kevin Olson, owner
Nick Olson, general manager
Parker Olson, head of BBQ operations